Buy Property in Alanya Turkey

Getting a residency can’t be easier !

If I told you , that a place has good weather , good prices ,even one of the best beaches in the world (cleopatra beach ,yes you read it right !) and you can get a residency just by buying a property Under 2500000 usd, you would think I am crazy . Well I am cause that’s true . And you can do it with the best way to buying an property in Alanya Turkey

Does People invests to Property in Turkey
Since 2005 , more than 300000 foreigners invested over than 50 billion in Turkish property while Spain only sold 2 million ,
That could give you a hint .
What would You Have if You Buy a Property in Alanya Turkey
“The weather is impeccable, the people are friendly and the food is great “
That’s our dear friend John lockman
Who bought 8 properties this year .

Furthermore , the city has a coastline of 70 kilometers (43 mi ) with restaurants and bars located on the beach . Alanya’s waterfront location makes it suitable for certain events, and is perhaps most famous for its annual triathlon , part of the International triathlon union series, which has been held every October since 1990.
Which makes it bicycle friendly! In every street there’s a designated street for bicycles . Alanya is also the regular host of The Turkish Open, part of the Nestea. European Beach volleyball championship tour, which takes place in May.

Finally, Alanya is loaded with parks , it even has a cat park ! In every corner you find a park where you can relax and enjoy and even play basketball or tennis since everyone of them has a tennis court !. You can always test you skills since everyday someone is playing.

What Kind Of Properties You Can Buy?

You either go for the luxurious option an apartment in complex where it has a sea view and a Mountain View and within a walking distance from the beach,
Where you even has a sauna , swimming pools , sports field and a Turkish hammam only for the residence , or even a villa which has everything mentioned above ,
Or you go for a luxurious apartment but not in a complex it’s up to your preference.

And it will be our pleasure to help you